Cloud Communication

We created a novel artificial intelligence (AI) platform, the FeatureCloud App Store!
It is based on the idea of federated, decentralised learning where only model parameters are communicated. To maximize privacy, sensitive (e.g. medical) datasets remain stored locally and are analysed behind safe firewalls of hospitals and research institutes. Only aggregate, privacy-insensitive data are exchanged. FeatureCloud will enhance worldwide collaboration, accelerate innovation, and democratise scientific data usage.

FeatureCloud technology

Worldwide first federated all-in-one concept

The digital revolution, in particular big data and artificial intelligence (AI), offers new opportunities to transform healthcare. However, it also harbors risks to the security of sensitive clinical data stored in critical healthcare ICT infrastructure. In particular, data exchange over the internet is perceived as insurmountable, posing a roadblock hampering big -data-based medical innovations.

With FeatureCloud, we chair a pan-European transformative AI development project, which implements a software toolkit for substantially reducing cyber risks to healthcare infrastructure by employing the world-wide first federated all-in-one approach, which has two key characteristics: (1) no sensitive data is sent through any communication channels, and (2) data is not stored in one central point of attack.

FeatureCloud – Privacy-preserving federated machine learning integrating blockchain technology for reduced cyber risks in a world of distributed healthcare
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