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Build machine learning models without programming know-how and collaborate across institutions without sharing your datasets! View our introductory video before accessing the the FeatureCloud App Store.

In this Zoom-recorded interview from 10th February 2021, the project’s scientific coordinator, Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach from the University of Hamburg in Germany, explains how FeatureCloud’s federated and privacy-aware machine learning approach can make all sides happy – clinicians, biomedical researchers, and, most importantly, patients.

Julian Matschinske, Ph.D. Candidate at the Technical University of Munich, leads the development of the FeatureCloud App Store. Together with the team around him, he has set up the backend and frontend and optimized its functionality and communication interface. In this Zoom-recorded interview from 9th February 2021, he proudly presents the various features, explains the advantages of FeatureCloud’s privacy-aware infrastructure, and invites fellow developers to contribute their own Apps. The FeatureCloud App Store already includes many extremely useful federated machine learning Apps for biomedical researchers.

Dr. Christof Tschohl from Research Institute AK & Co KG in Vienna, Austria, is both an IT security expert and a lawyer experienced in the implementation of the privacy-preserving General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from May 2018. In this Zoom-recorded interview from 16th February 2021, he answers a broad spectrum of legal, ethical, and philosophical questions around the European GDPR, and explains how FeatureCloud’s federated machine learning approach can advance research and save lives while enhancing patient privacy and giving data subjects full control over their medical data.

Watch impressions from the 10th Steering Committee (SC) Meeting that took place at Balvanyos Resort, Romania, from 11-13 June 2023. The meeting included outdoor brainstorming sessions, workshops, work package updates, and important discussions. The FeatureCloud team was also invited to visit the premises of consortium partner Egnosis (powered by Gnome Design SRL, GND) and of FeatureCloud’s main collaborator and stakeholder Pro-Vitam SRL, both located in Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania.

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