Our key products

In FeatureCloud, we are developing a highly innovative integrated software platform and app store, the FeatureCloud App Store, implementing a privacy-enhancing approach to significantly increase cybersecurity with respect to data mining of patient data stored in hospitals and care service institutions. In addition to the first core apps of the FeatureCloud platform itself, we have been working to demonstrate that the principle of federated machine learning is indeed privacy and what AI standards in biomedicine should offer.

  • App Store: Revolutionising privacy-aware AI for healthcare: Build machine learning models without programming knowledge and collaborate with other institutions without sharing your datasets!

  • AIMe: The AIMe minimal information standard on Artificial Intelligence in bioMedical research.
  • PARTEA: The PARTEA tool enables and stands for Privacy-AwaRe Time to Event Analysis.
  • sPLINK: sPLINK (safe PLINK) is a federated, privacy-preserving toolset for genome-wide association studies (GWAS).


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