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University of Marburg (UMR)

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Hans-Meerwein-Str. 6
35032 Marburg

Team leader

Prof. Dr. Dominik Heider

Head of Department
Phone: +49 642 128 215 79
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Philipps-University Marburg (UMR) is not only a German university steeped in tradition, it is also the oldest university in the world that was founded as a Protestant institution in 1527. It has been a place of research and teaching for nearly five centuries. Its broad range of arts and humanities and its experimentally challenging scientific work constitute an ideal platform for interdisciplinary cooperation. The university relies on innovative teaching methods (with short course durations) and networked research, and offers students from all over the world a broad range of courses. Nowadays there are nearly 25,700 students studying in Marburg – 12 percent from all over the world and it has 4,500 employees.

The Bioinformatics group of Prof. Dr. Dominik Heider collaborates heavily with university hospitals across Germany, and is located within the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. This faculty employs 24 tenured academic staff and about 100 PhD students. Within FeatureCloud, UMR will lead WP3 by standardizing the software development process in order to be medical-device-ready for certification according to ISO standards, and also contribute to WP4, namely the development of federal supervised machine learning models for medical diagnostics applications.

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