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SBA Research Gemeinnützige GmbH (SBA)

Sommerpalais Harrach
Favoritenstr. 16, 2nd floor
1040 Vienna

Team leader

Rudolf Mayer

Senior Researcher
Phone: +43 150 536 88
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Team staff

Aljosha Judmayer

Senior Researcher, Consultant, Lecturer
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Institute presentation

SBA Research is by now the largest research centre in Austria which exclusively addresses information security, currently employs approx. 100 people, and collaborates with renowned national and international partners in multiple projects to enhance cyber security. It is funded partly by the national initiative for Competence Centres for Excellent Technologies (COMET). As part of a network of more than 70 companies, 15 international universities or research institutions, and many additional European research partners, we jointly work on research challenges ranging from organizational to technical security to strengthen Europe’s cyber security.

Within FeatureCloud, SBA leads WP2 “Cyber risk assessment and mitigation” and WP6 “Blockchains and user right management”. Their key tasks encompass risk analysis with respect to possible attacks against the planned federated learning environment, especially considering different attacker models, including insider threats to a certain degree, as well as designing effective countermeasures. Novel blockchain mechanisms will be devised that cater for the specific needs of such a federated learning platform. This includes protecting patient privacy, detachment of sensitive information, and privacy protected data discovery.

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