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University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M

Team leader

Prof. Dr. Richard Röttger

Associated Professor
Phone: +45 655 023 37
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The University of Southern Denmark – in Danish Syddansk Universitet or SDU – was originally founded 1966 and is the third largest comprehensive University in Denmark. SDU currently counts some 32,000 students and a staff of ca. 4,000 distributed across five faculties – Health Sciences, Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, and Technical/Engineering. SDU also hosts Scandinavia’s biggest university hospital (Odense University Hospital, OUH) with which Prof. Dr. Richard Röttger is heavily cooperating.

Within the framework of FeatureCloud, SDU will coordinate the development of novel federated machine learning techniques (WP5). Prof. Dr. Röttger’s group is particularly recognized for their work on unsupervised learning which has been published in high ranking journals. For example, they are the core developers of ClustEval, a platform fully automatizing cluster analyses which generated unprecedented insights into the field of unsupervised learning. This expertise will facilitate the development and testing of various federated techniques covering the entire pipeline of an unsupervised learning approach, from the pre-processing, to the clustering, all the way to the evaluation. Through collaboration with OUH, the group has collected crucial experience on how to handle heterogeneous and noisy data sets – one of the key challenges in federated machine learning.

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